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Sump Pump Installation

When is a Sump Pump Installation Necessary?

We find Sump pump installations normally in home or businesses that have basements or crawl spaces. The reason they are installed is because there is an issue with flooding. This is not an issue in newly constructed homes, depending on the area where they are built. If you purchase a home that has a sump pump, it is a sure indication the flooding may occur. What happens is as water enters into a dwelling the water will run towards the lowest point in the basement where the pump is installed. The pump then proceeds to remove the excess water by pumping it out through a discharge pipe, which generally leads to an area outside and away from the house.

Sump Pump Installation | York Plumbing & DrainsWe mentioned areas of new construction, what matters here is the height of the water table in a given geographic section. If the area is prone to flooding, then it is necessary for the house to have a sump system. The system can contain, either a single pump or it can have two with one being a backup system in certain scenarios. The main function of a sump pump is to transfer water from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’, the efficiency of the system is dependant on the installation and the quality and type of pump in use. Therefore, if you have a system in place that needs repair or fine-tuning you can reach out to us here at York Plumbing & Drains and we can help resolve your sump pump woes.