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Lengthen the Life of your Water Heater

Lengthen the Life of your Water Heater

Despite a warranty, the average lifespan of a water heater is generally twelve years. Some water heaters have been known to last up to 25 years, however, and there are several reasons why. The clever home owner need only heed a few simple tips to ensure that the water heater continues to function for years to come.


Water is the key factor here and the element itself can affect how your water heater operates. Just like any home appliance, the more you use it, the more you’ll need to repair or replace it. The same goes for your water heater. A family that uses 300 gallons a day vs. a family that uses 600 gallons will not need to replace their water heater quite as much. Higher usage naturally requires more maintenance.


Inside every water heater are metal rods called anodes. Smaller tanks generally have a small one, while larger tanks have 2 small anodes, or one large one. These rods are made out of aluminum, magnesium, or a combination of the two. Their sole purpose is to break down and oxidize so the steel in your tank doesn’t have to. Think of it as a distraction tactic. The health of your tank is entirely dependent upon the condition of the anode(s). Their function is to rust, but once they have reached a certain point, they must be replaced. Properly draining the tank every six to twelve months will clean the sediment out of the bottom, and allow you to inspect the shape of the anode.

Routine care and inspection will have your water heater running until the kids are in college. If you’d like to know more about water heater repairs and maintenance, contact us or stop by one of our two central locations to schedule a personal consultation.