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Common Plumbing Repairs in Swampscott MA

There are plenty of reasons to call a plumber when something breaks or when doing a new installation or remodeling, however, there are some basic things homeowners can do when they need plumbing repairs in Swampscott MA. Not everything requires a plumber. Some things are very easy. In the old days, we used to have do it yourself books that gave us advice on everything from installing a toilet to rewiring a home. Today, we have the internet. Of course, we must be wary when we take advice from online sources. We want to know that they are from reputable, knowledgeable sources. In all reality, many plumbing repairs should be handled by your choice plumber in Massachusetts. However, for those basic things, you may actually be able to fix them yourself without any trouble.

Have a problem with a clogged drain in a sink? This is perhaps one of the most common and easiest plumbing problems you will run into. Before you buy into the commercial hype, do not run out to the store and buy the brand name chemical drain cleaner. These can lead to more problems, especially depending on the cause of the clog. Look under the sink. Usually you can access this easily through a cabinet. Here, you should see the drain pipe for the sink. Get yourself a bucket a cloth and possibly a pipe wrench, depending on the type of pipes you have under the sink. If you are working with galvanized steel, you almost always want to call a plumber as these can be a real bear to work with and if you strip or break anything that is going to a lot harder to deal with. Most modern homes have plastic pipes for the sink drain, however, and you can usually grab on to connector and turn, using the cloth to enhance your grip. You will have to release the pipe at two ends of the S or U shape. One side should have a horizontal seal and the other will have a vertical seal. Remove that curved pipe and clean it out. Nine times out of ten where there is a clog and simply cleaning the pipe out will correct the issue. Take a look at what’s there. Did the kids put a toy down there or is hair from shaving? See what steps you can take to avoid that from happening in the future. Then, go ahead, replace the curved pipe and be sure that the seals are not in need of being replaced as well placed in the proper position so you do not have a leak. Run the sink and test the drain, look for leaks.

How about low water pressure? Massachusetts plumbers often hear about this complaint. One of the first things you need to determine is what the actual issue is. Do you have low pressure on both hot and cold water? If it is on both settings, you probably need to clean out the aerator. Often the screen of the aerator and the sides of the aerator built up with calcium. There could be other debris as well. Simply remove the working end of the faucet there, clean everything up—you may need to replace a screen or use a cleaner to dissolve the calcium. You may also need to just go ahead and replace the piece. Once you have a clean and/or new piece, go ahead, replace it, and test the pressure now. If the water pressure is still low, check and see if it is on all sinks and faucets. If so, check with your water company before calling on a plumber.

If you happen to have a running toilet, plumbers can tell you there are really only three working parts to a toilet that could cause this. You are dealing with a problematic toilet fill valve, toilet flapper, or toilet flush valve. If you go to a home repair store, you will see these are usually sold in a kit. Altogether, it is not a bad idea to just buy the kit and replace everything at once so long as you are in there. Those kits often come with instructions on the back of the packet.

Here is another helpful tidbit for homeowners who may be experiencing a smelly garbage disposal. Does your sink always seem to have an odor to it or maybe it is just when you run the garbage disposal? Get a lemon in orange. Peel the fruit and put the peels through the garbage disposal. This will freshen the garbage disposal up and get rid of the smell.

When you need a plumber, you need a plumber. On the other hand, there are several small, simple plumbing repairs you can do on your own. Plumbing repairs in Swampscott Mass don’t mean you have to plan to take the whole day off of work or spend an arm and a leg.