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Understanding the top four most common commercial plumbing problems will help you determine what to look for and when to call in plumbing contractors. There are studies out there that have determined what the most common plumbing problems are in commercial facilities. After you are familiar with these common commercial plumbing problems you should be able to determine if you need to call in plumbing contractors or if this is something that your typical maintenance personal should be able to handle.

Let us look at the top four most common commercial plumbing problems then we can go over each one.

One of the most common problems that people run into is clogged drains. Many times people find that their clogged drains on a commercial level are due to food and other items that should not be put down the drain. There are several different methods that you should be able to use to be able to get rid of clogged drains. You should be able to clear the debris with a plunger or a plumbers snake. If you find that this has not taken care of the problem you may want to call in a professional that has experience in dealing with commercial plumbing clogs. This will allow you to know that they can do the job and will allow them to get the job done quickly. You might be looking at other causes for a clog that a professional will be able to catch.

The second item that we are going to look at is clogged toilets and just like the clogged drain the main cause for this is people flushing items that they should not. The way to solve this problem would be similar to a clogged drain. You will want to make sure that if you have someone in your home using a snake that they know what they are doing to ensure that they do not damage the pipe causing a new problem with your plumbing.

The third item on our list is leaky faucets. There are a number of reasons why your faucet might be leaking. The most common reason to this problem is a washer needs to be replaced. This is not always the case so you would need to have someone that is familiar with faucets to help determine the root cause of the leak. The longer that you allow the faucet to leak the higher your utility bills will get and the worse the leak will become.

The next item that we are going to look at is sewer odor. You might be surprised at how often this is a complaint. Generally you will find that when this occurs it is due to the fact that the u shaped pipe which is located under many sinks is not wet. There are a number of different solutions out there to remedy this problem.

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