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Many people will live in a home for years without ever knowing why they might need to call up Cambridge MA plumbing contractors for drain cleaning. However, there are some people they moved into a house not too long ago and they already need their drains cleaned. People may turn toward products they can buy off the shelf at the local supermarket or hardware store. These are items including the liquid drain cleaners and pipe snakes. Before you go out and buy or even try to go so far as using these things, you should consider calling a plumber in Cambridge for assistance.

The problem is that these liquid drain cleaners are comprised of heavy duty, harmful chemicals. If they splash back, they can damage the plumbing fixtures. The fumes from them can cause trouble with breathing. They can even cause chemical burns. If the liquid drain cleaners get stopped up in the drain, the backsplash issues could occur long after pouring them. Furthermore, they could get caught up in the drain, which is going to cause potential danger when the pipes are accessed directly.

The pipe snakes are a great invention. However, there is a way they should be used and several ways they should not. Improper use of a pipe snake to clean clogged drains could do several things. It could clog the drain worse. It could break the pipes. For those who have been down that road before, the trouble and cost of a burst pipe is a lot worse than dealing with hiring a plumber to clean drains.

There are a number of things you can do to help reduce the chance of clogged drains, though. The first and most important thing is to consider what you are putting into your drains. Over any drain where shaving is done, there should be a catcher placed, which can catch hair before it gets into the drain. You can pick these up at many home goods and home improvement stores. If you are in a pinch, you can place a washcloth or towel over a drain which will catch most of the hair, but not all. You should also be sure never to pour grease down the drain. Some people say that it is okay to do if the cooking grease hasn’t congealed yet and hot water is running down the drain that it will be okay. Do not fall for this. Grease should be let to stand and cool and put into a sealed container for disposal in the trash—not the drain. Wet wipes do not tear and are much more durable than toilet paper. Flushing these down the drains can easily lead to plumbing issues. Smokers might dump ashtrays down drains, but the filters and paper can collect and last for some time, causing another clogged drain. Be careful when you have kids around, too. Numerous toys have ended up stuck in a drain and required a plumber to get them out. These are just some of the most common issues that lead to clogged drains, although standard, careful use will require drain cleaning by Massachusetts plumbers as well.

If your sinks are taking too long to drain, toilet is backed up, or you see back flow or bubbling from the drains, it is probably time to consider calling up Cambridge MA plumbing contractors for drain cleaning.