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Boiler Repairs & Maintenance in Winthrop MA

During the summer, most of us are thinking about how to beat the heat rather than the boiler repairs in Massachusetts that may be necessary. However, if it has been some time before having your boiler unit checked out or you do not have boiler maintenance done a somewhat regular basis, you could be setting yourself up for trouble when the weather starts to get cold again. As anyone here in New England knows, that cold weather can move in just about any time. Sometimes, it comes earlier in the year than we expected. There are even some rainy nights where the heat kicks on during the summer months. The problem is, we usually don’t realize that our boiler is having problems until we need it most. It cuts out on the coldest night of the year or seals break and suddenly we have a basement at home full of water.

Plumbers in Wakefield, Peabody, Chelsea, and Winthrop, MA handle boiler repairs for houses, businesses, and multi-unit dwellings. Boilers are a relatively efficient and inexpensive way of keeping our buildings warm during the winter. They also tend to be pretty efficient when it comes to repairs, maintenance, and overall cost of ownership. They tend to be made from sturdy, metal components rather than cheap plastic and aluminum. However, you wouldn’t call the standard HVAC company to work on one for you. Because they deal with water, pressure, pipes, and fittings, the skill set of the professional plumbing contractor is uniquely qualified to work on boilers.

Experienced plumbers are familiar with older boiler systems as well as newer models and technology. They can help you make sure that your boiler is operating at maximum efficiency as well as help to make boiler upgrades when the time comes. Whether you are trying to heat a home or a large building, you want to be sure the heating unit is both efficient and kept updated. A boiler may keep you warm when you need it too, but if it is not properly maintained, it could be costing you a lot more than it should. As the cost for our monthly utilities continues to climb, we need to look everywhere to see where money might be being wasted. Just like with any other HVAC system, if it is not operating under prime conditions, two things happens. First, the system is costing more money. Secondly, the system is being put under more stress, which could lead to it breaking down sooner and needing more repairs.

Boiler repair bills are never a fun thing to deal with. However, it is entirely possible to keep those bills down by performing regular maintenance. It is usually recommended to do this once a year. It is best to do it before the cold season hits, too. The reason for this is two-fold. For one, you do not want anything to go wrong with your boiler once it does get cold, and be waiting for a plumber to fix it. With a lot of plumbing companies in Massachusetts, having an emergency repair means paying an extra fee as well, although that is not always the case, so be sure to ask. But, beyond that, it is easier to schedule a boiler maintenance check during the off season, because you will not be competing for a slot on the schedule with those people who did not have their boilers checked out and are now willing to shell out extra money to have an emergency plumbing repair completed.

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